What is a book ?
What a book turns out to be ?

Leftie press is a studio for book and publishing house in Seoul. It is initiated and run by Miru Bahc to expand her practices on book and printed matter. Under the questions of what a book is and what a book turns out to be, she explores the structure of a book ─ forms, pages, surfaces(textures), texts, colors, layout and experiments with its way of working as gesture, language, archive visualization, installation, et cetera in relation to the space. All books and practices at Leftie press are both trial and proposal to the concept of book as a form of art and material in itself.

Miru Bahc is research-based artist and graphic designer. She is interested in discovering something that has not been adopted or has been marginalized in existing systems and ideas. She values to reclaim its names and uses, and tries to seek the way to verbalize it as visual languages.


Any interesting ideas, proposals are always welcome!

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